Traditional Tibetan Medicine

The TTM is one of the oldest known medical traditions of the world and be-sitting a very long history. At the centre of TTM are the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) and the three humours / energy (Lhung, Tripa and Bhad-khan / wind-bile-phlegm) which are essential for maintaining the physiological activities of the organism.

The TTM understands humans and the environment, as well as the mind and body joined together as inseparable and aims to bring everything in life back in balance and keep the balance.

The specific feature of wonderful TTM is that preserved over many centuries, intense connection with Tibetan Buddhism, which the TTM immense possibilities in the spiritual / energetic area made-light. For example, after Chernobyl some untreatable and moribund people was restored to life by a Buddhist monk & TTM doctor.

The basic theory of Traditional Tibetan Medicine: After TTM our body consists of five elements: earth, water, fire, wind (air) and space. These are sort of the building material of our body. Based on these five elements is the wind element flowing in the meridians. When the wind element is harmonized, then flow compensated for the other elements in our body.

The three juices (Lhung, Tripa and Bhad-khan / wind-bile-phlegm) are understood in the TTM as the three principles, the three different levels of “life energy”. These energies that are forming as juices, contain the five elements, which are applied in all living things and make life possible. They constitute a sensitive system that connects the gross (physical) level with the subtle (spiritual). With respect to health is the balance of the elements and the balance of the three humors. If the balance is disturbed, then we can get sick. In the TTM are all diseases in wind, bile, and phlegm-diseases divided (the three life principles). The mental-, emotional-, and spiritual balance is an important aspect that is considered in the TTM.

Maintaining the balance of mental-, emotional- and mental level are important aspects of health-safety, which will specifically address the TTM. Here, the instructions of the teaching-Buddhas be held rate in order to harmonize the aforementioned imbalances. Furthermore, the mantra-healing (salutary recitation of certain syllables) an important part and a core element of the TTM.