What we offer


We offer different number of services to suite individual or group needs. Click on continue reading below to view in more detail.

THE COMPASSION KEY™ – Heal yourself with compassionate key.

– Resolve previous incarnations on Earth and “beyond”.

REIKI – Learn to master all levels of Reiki, including the Master Courses.

AURA –  Learn to extend and create your energetic field.

CHAKRASLearn to clean, harmonize the subtle energy centers.

– Disconnect yourself from from the Ancestral Karma.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE – Release trapped emotions with Tapping.

PONG YOUP – Master breathing with turbo effect
for the combustion and transformation of karma.

THE 9-FOLD BREATHING – A discipline from the Tibetan Yoga Tantra Teaching.

TRANCE – Meditation to change our consciousness.

MEDITATION COURSES – Relaxation and self-development of one’s own mental abilities.

MANTRAS – Learn to sing and find out what their meanings are and how they can support with your life.

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