About Us



Tsering Chozom Pangdatsang

I was born in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. At the age of five, due to the foreign occupation, I had to leave my country and came to Switzerland. There I grew up and initially did a classical curative education according to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

Very early on, I realized that I could perceive more than other people and had healing hands. Feeling deeply attached to my Asian roots, I traveled to Tibet and India in the early 1980s, where I completed classes and seminars in Tibetan and Buddhist medicine.

Through many more specific training in the field of energy I was able to gain an increasingly holistic understanding of the relationship between body, mind and soul. One of my deep desires is wanting to share this knowledge with you so that you can develop your full potential, and that is why I founded the “Pema Karpo Center” in Vienna.


Pema Karpo Centre

Pema Karpo Center is the focal point of contact for people who would like to go through life with ease and who want to embark on a holistic but easy path.

  • PEMA: Pema is the Lotus flower; and also the icon of Buddha Dharma teaching. It is also known as the purity of the mind.

  • KARPO: Karpo is Tibetan for the colour white. This colour represents the Supreme consciousness.

  • CENTRE: The centre of the heart and the place where like-minded people come together and practice.



My Life Attainments 

“The Compassion Key®” Master Practitioner & Circle Leader  • Master of Reiki • Specialist for Chakras & subtle bodies • Specialist in energetic massages • Pong-Youp Transformal-Breathing Trainer Trainer for Technique of Emotional Freedom • Neuro-Emotional-Integration Coach • Meditation, Mantras & Trance Mediumship • Phowa Crystalline Transformation Coach • Your Transformation 2 Excellence Coach™ • memon® Consultant for Space Harmonization • +SALUSMED dietary supplements consultant * Business Partner of KYÄNI® – Wellness & Wealth & Caring Hands Charity Projects.