“PEMA KARPO CENTRE is a focal point for people who want happiness to endure throughout their lives, and who want to make a difference to other’s lives.”

Our Three Golden Principles

We are Beings of Light that work for the benefit of Light and all sentient beings.

Our Mission is to transform the Earth and its nearby realms into a Paradise of Light.

Our Vision is to see every being on Earth achieve ultimate happiness through the support, training, transformation and inner development.


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At Pema Karpo Centre we have a number of events taking place. Please visit us on regular basis to keep yourself informed and updated!


December 2018

15th to 16th: Conversations with Cosmic Masters – Vienna

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What we offer


We offer different number of services to suite individual or group needs. Click on continue reading below to view in more detail.

THE COMPASSION KEY™ – Heal yourself with compassionate key.

– Resolve previous incarnations on Earth and “beyond”.

REIKI – Learn to master all levels of Reiki, including the Master Courses.

AURA –  Learn to extend and create your energetic field.

CHAKRASLearn to clean, harmonize the subtle energy centers.

– Disconnect yourself from from the Ancestral Karma.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE – Release trapped emotions with Tapping.

PONG YOUP – Master breathing with turbo effect
for the combustion and transformation of karma.

THE 9-FOLD BREATHING – A discipline from the Tibetan Yoga Tantra Teaching.

TRANCE – Meditation to change our consciousness.

MEDITATION COURSES – Relaxation and self-development of one’s own mental abilities.

MANTRAS – Learn to sing and find out what their meanings are and how they can support with your life.


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Tsering brings healing compassion and guided intuition to her sessions. As a vehicle of Light, love surrounds and melts through the dark barriers. Liken her analogy of honey, She brings authenticity, honesty, and sweetness to the gifting table. During a session with Tsering, one feels cradled in a safe place where her divine presence brings the compassion that is needed to transgress the karmic imprints that have distorted one’s lens of reality. If you wish to experience the divine mother in form, a session with Tsering will beckon you home to yourself again.

Blessings and peace, Sheila (USA 2017)


Ich habe in mein Leben nach vielen Fragen und Antwort gesucht. Das habe ich bei einer tibetischen, liebevollen, einfühlsamen und kompetenten Lehrerin – Frau Tsering Chozom – gefunden. Durch Ihre klar strukturierte Herangehensweise, Ihre Methodenvielhaft, Kreativität und Intuition eröffneten sich für mich neue Wege im Denken, Fühlen und Handeln. Mit Ihrer Unterstützung habe ich meine jeweilige Vergangenheit durch Transformations-Arbeit bewältigen können und ein neues Lebensgefühl erreicht. Durch Ihre einzigartige Art, schafft Tsering Freiräume für Selbsterfahrung und eigene Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Das war einfach klasse und hat mich bei der Erreichung meiner Ziele sehr, sehr unterstützt und neue Lösungen werden möglich!

Wer eine maßgeschneiderte Lösung braucht ist bei Ihr genau richtig!

Mit Hochachtung, Lettin Linda Linz (AT 2017)

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