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“PEMA KARPO CENTRE is a focal point for people who want happiness to endure throughout their lives, and who want to make a difference to other’s lives.”

Our Three Golden Principles

We are Beings of Light that work for the benefit of Light and all sentient beings.

Our Mission is to transform the Earth and its nearby realms into a Paradise of Light.

Our Vision is to see every being on Earth achieve ultimate happiness through the support, training, transformation and inner development.

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At Pema Karpo Centre we have a number of events taking place. Please visit us on regular basis to keep yourself informed and updated, or contact us if you require additional information.

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What we offer


We offer different number of services to suite individual or group needs. Click on continue reading below to view in more detail.

THE COMPASSION KEY™ – Heal yourself with compassionate key.

– Resolve previous incarnations on Earth and “beyond”.

REIKI – Learn to master all levels of Reiki, including the Master Courses.

AURA –  Learn to extend and create your energetic field.

CHAKRASLearn to clean, harmonize the subtle energy centers.

– Disconnect yourself from from the Ancestral Karma.

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE – Release trapped emotions with Tapping.

PONG YOUP – Master breathing with turbo effect
for the combustion and transformation of karma.

THE 9-FOLD BREATHING – A discipline from the Tibetan Yoga Tantra Teaching.

TRANCE – Meditation to change our consciousness.

MEDITATION COURSES – Relaxation and self-development of one’s own mental abilities.

MANTRAS – Learn to sing and find out what their meanings are and how they can support with your life.

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My session with Tsering was so wonderful and full of healing compassion!

I’m so blessed to get her contact over the compassion key network and would highly recommend Tsering to everyone who really wants a profound transformation of their issues. Start the change in you and you change it all.

My issue got so incredible better trough ONE Session and I thank Tsering so much for her kind and intuitive help, within my native German language! One of the oldest health issues improved tremendously and I feel rejuvenated on all levels. Tsering truly lives up to the title on her profile: cosmic rejuvenation

Since the session my life has increased a lot on feeling contentment and happiness!! _/\_

(Chris / AT 2017)



Two weeks ago, I had the great privilege of meeting Tsering and receiving one of the most genuine and real healing of my life. 

I came looking for help to release money blocks, and received so much more!  I felt deeply seen, accepted and safe with Tsering as she guided me gracefully to a past life where I was put to death for speaking my truth, the wound was unwound and my-self from the past was invited home. 

What I experienced was physically tangible and deeply profound, this part of my soul essence was brought ‘home’ to a temple in the inner planes, my place of connection and belonging, overflowing with my brothers and sisters of light, from there, myself, as energy, as sound, light and geometric forms was transmitted back into my present day body through the pores of my skin, and right into my bones.  This continued to flow for hours after, buzzing and vibrating in the core of my being.  For about 5 days, I experienced a physical re-genesis, messages and impulses transmitting to my cells, showing my body how to reorganize and renew.  The words Tsering spoke to me continued to vibrate in my field, creating space for me to re-pattern my thinking mind.  I feel physically realigned, stronger, brighter, clearer and more connected to my essential self and all that is divine.  The separation and isolation I have always felt is slowly dissolving, and I am still receiving deep and meaningful insights into my own patterns and programs. 

On top of all this, it looks like my business is picking up, I’ve received an increase in bookings and I’ve been given a big opportunity to step out and show what I do in my local town!  I feel very blessed to have been introduced to Tsering. I believe she is a truly gifted healer that easily opens the doors to whatever miracles we are willing to receive. With love and gratitude!

(Ann Wood, USA)

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